Hey, I'm Simon, graphic artist, musician and head of Bossert Medien

Being an artist means to understand and express what lays inside of us.

Having an open mind and not judging a book by its cover is key.
I welcome you to dive deeper into my world, my creations and projects.

 Through Passion, we gain Strength -  Through Strength, we gain Power - Through Power, we are Alive







I'm back with my musical successor 'Fading Light'. Here you can hear three snippets taken from three of a lot more songs that are in production right now. Stay tuned for more.

Wishing everyone a better, new year. But hey, at least 2021 gave you the perspective of what's about to come with Fading Light in 2022. I'm very excited to bring you the next chapter of my music, artwork and overall vision of what will be continued with Fading Light. Some ideas were considered to be Totengeflüster Material of course but will now get the Fading Light update to a next level with a ton of new, fresh ideas


Back in 2007 i started writing my own music, combining orchestral music with mid 90's influenced Black Metal. After i created a collection of Songs and feeling its potential i contacted my good friend Narbengrund if he's interested in joining the at this point still untiteled studio-project. Since Narbengrund had a natural talent for writing and performing vocals he was the perfect fit for my ideas and Totengeflüster was found.

Soon after the debut Album "Vom Seelensterben" was released. The huge success of the album lead Narbengrund and me to the desicion to bring Totengeflüster to the stage as a live - band. One year went by and Totengeflüster was ready to perform their debut concert in Birmingham, England to pay tribute and honor their first minute supporters in England at the Beermageddon Festival 2014! Having joined the live performing sector as a band Totengeflüster grew very fast, released their second Album in 2017 called "Im Nebel der Vergänglichkeit" who sold out three times and was released on my at that time called Label "Pale Essence Music". The interest in Totengeflsüter was high so we returned back to England and performed our Headliner Show in 2017 at Beermageddon Festival to celebrate our second Album and recorded our first live Album which was released as a Audio and Bluray Package in 2018. Joining the success of those releases the third Album released in 2019 called "The Faceless Divine". 

Totengeflüster's story of success went on so a germany tour was played in 2019 to celebrate and promote the third album. Many friends were made over those years, many experiences were shared and much work went into Totengeflüster. Being proud of what i created and brought to life by my bandmates was a honor. In 2020 Totengeflüster was split up cause of my personal exhaustion and the wish for independence with my music and art. Totengeflüster was a great home for a long time but things change and even when your physically at home you can feel left alone.  The farewell concert for Totengeflüster was played in 2020 at the Wolfszeit Festival in Germany.

In 2022 i announced that Totengeflüsters successor will be called Fading Light which will follow the roots of my vision i originally had for Totengeflüster.